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microscope parts

Adapter microscope Mikroscope Ring Light
Adapter for the ring ligth of the microscope. Made on the CNC milling machine. Wood allows the sharp tip of the mounting screw to clamp, no mechanical pressure for the lenses. Microscope had original C-Stand, but that is not comfortable to solder electronic, require flat surface. Quality halogen ring light from another device, requires an adapter ring. Microscope holder made on the CNC milling machine, the high weight of the new stand keeps the microsope still standing. Solder tin adds more weight.
power supply Stromversorgung stand holder
Light source originaly from a medical endoscope. Has a built-in spare bulb, can be powered-on for double halogen light power. Dimmable via a mechanical adjustable shutter. Colour filters can be added. Internal fan and temperature control. Counter for the life-time of the bulbs. Highest quality light source. Light source mounted behind the table, fan can operate after removing the wooden cover. Needle wood with orange shellac. Very comfortable to operate, free hands and solder tin always available. Stand made of aluminium and heavy copper. Even a large PCB comfortable to solder.
holder lens protector Linsenschutz A microscope is a must in every labority and on every soldering place. Soldering without microscope leads to a poor quality. Also the people with "good eyes" solder better under the microscope. Buy a good microscope with a strong broadband-wavelenght-spectrum ring light source, avoid cheap scrap, it is a waste of money.

Avoid bosses who don`t want to spend money for it, an indictment.

External audits on electronic companies, having no or poor microscopes, can result in being kicked off.
On the stand enough space for different types of soldering wires. Increase the weight for a stable standing. Always the right solder direct on the place where you need. Oak with shellac. Lens protector. Walnut, hard-oil and polished. Drilled with a large wood-drill.

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