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metalwork equipment - hobbiest collection

Als Elektroniker hat man oftmals das Problem von nicht ausreichendem Werkzeug zur Metallbearbeitung der Elektronikprojekte. Die Anschaffung von Basiswerkzeugen ist notwendig gewesen.

Hobbiest for electronic having often the problem of missing metalwork tools. Now, with this collection it is possible to manufacture the necessary metal parts required for electronic development.

CNC milling machine 3-axis, 100kg, portal machine
December 2018
marking plate 63kg granit December 2018
height master, cadillac 300mm, Mitutoyo, Hommel December 2018
gauge blocks and parallel-plate gauge blocks steel, tungsten, ceramic, Mitutoyo, Hommel, 140mm steel parallel plate, optical flat, lapping plate December 2018

Starting with some examples

micriscope adapter for a ring light source connector wall
microscope parts - May 2019 wall full of connectors and cables - May 2019