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Mitutoyo Height Master
made in Japan 1981

Condition when received from the second hand market

Anlieferungszustand hinten verkratzt
Seite weniger verkratzt
Seite ok
Many scratches on the surface Scratches are standard after using many years in an industrial environmental inside perfect no scratches inside

Restauration of the wooden box

Mitutoyo Height Master
Holzbox Heightmaster Seitenansicht Frontansicht Typenschild
Die Holzbox ist geschliffen, geölt und mit Schellack poliert

Sandpaper, hard-oil and blond shellac.
Die Holzsorte kenne ich nicht, aber sie ist sehr schön geworden im geölten Zustand.

I don`t know this kind of nice wood.
fine surface Das Typenschild aus Papier ist auch nach 38 Jahren noch gut erhalten, das ist selten, besonders unter den rauhen Bedingungen einer Metallwerkstatt. Es ist hier mit Schellack überlackt, damit sollte es noch lange halten.

Paper label, 38 years old in good condition.
open door herausgenommen grüner Filz und Schellack Heightmaster
safe standing inside the box
original manual.
green felt cleaned box also inside polished with shellac such a precision instrument looks very good on the table
cleaned in all details, metal surface covered with Ballistol
seitliche Haltegriffe front protection resolution Handrad
easy to hold on the side front protection for the metal surface
perfect condition, no scratches
0.001 millimeter resolution this handwheel moveable like a mechanical dream
top-view Zählwerk zero section lapped surface
top view Counter lower section lapped metal surface
Seite mit Griffen dust cover label serial number calibration report
handle holder dust cover
in perfect condition, cleaned, still soft
serial number
photo flash has changed color
- perfect -
Original Calibration Report

Hommel - Hommelwerke Mannheim - Präzisions Höhenmikrometer
made in Germany 197x

Condition when received from the second hand market

dreck nach Anlieferung vermacht nach Anlieferung
dirty box, as expected oil and dust

Restauration of the wooden box

schwarz lackiert open door wie neu Verstellrad
sandpaper and a quick black shellac
(not a time demanding full polish)
Instrument inside the box is almost unsed ! nice instrument not one scratch
Extension resolution upper area accessories
fast click-on extension, no screws necessary. Most extension are lost on the second hand market,  0.005 millimeter resolution metal surface cleaned and protected with Ballistol accessories unused
add-on wheel Bedienungsanleitung Beschreibung collection
wheel mounted with a simple click operating manual description different versions
I have a total collection of three Hommel and one Mitutoyo.

With four instruments it is easy to bring a metall plate exactly in position parallel to the granit-plate. Main use was a reference for a adjustable height measurement system. Adjustable distance over the marking plate. Both manufactures offer also length extensions for a total measurement range 600mm, for the Hommel I`ve seen a extension up to 1200mm. A height master is a high precision instrument, the reference metall surfaces are polished and lapped for highest accuracy. When byuing a used one check the condition of the metal surfaces, especially the three polished metall stands and the moveable reference plate under the instrument.

Adjusting and checking the correct dial of the instrument, requires a metal or ceramic calibration gauge and a flat marking plate, should be done if instrument is in unknown condition. Require a xx mm size of a gauge, but it is a common length in the mm grid. Check the movement of the spindle. In most cases these instruments were not daily used, but many are in a bad or unknown condition on the second hand market. In most cases the extensions, manuals and other accessories are lost, the boxes are in a bad, dirty condition and some having the worst: the metal surfaces are not well-tented or having marks and scratches causing problems with the accuracy. 

  • the Mitutoyo has a higher resolution and a very stable construction, more kilogramms and is a nice calibration tool. Further advantage, all metal measurement surfaces having no rotation when setting the hand-wheel.
  • the advantage of the Hommel, the light weight makes it easy to carry and moveable on the marking-plate. The metal measurement surfaces are rotating when setting the hand-wheel, consider this in your application, be careful and avoid scratches in the instrument, gauge or in the DUT when rotating.

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