connector holder

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connector holder
connector wall N-and-UHF-connectors Banana-4mm Banana-4mm-clamp-on
Fine wall of connectors and cables.  N and UHF connectors Banana Coax 4mm Banana Coax 4mm, clamp-on
BNC-SMA Cinch-BNC-SMA Cinch-BNC-SMA-2 clamp-on
BNC, SMA, SMB Cinch, BNC, SMA, SMB Cinch, BNC, SMA, special ones, terminations clamp-on, alligator
connector-collection connector-collection-2 RF connectors I was tired of searching always for the wanted connector.

Save my time, a pleasure finding the right connector within seconds.

All wooden holders made on the CNC milling machine, the holes are milled accurate with 1/10mm tolerance, connectors holding fine, easy to remove. Different woods, polished with rubin shellac. More connectors and cables will follow.
connector collection connector collection LF low-pass filters and RF attenuators

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