LCR Databridge 451

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Die LCR Messbrücke ist eine von Telemeter erlectronic ist aber Baugleich mit dieser hier von Tinsley:

The Model 6451 Databridge component measurement instrument is an economically priced, automatic and microprocessor controlled LCR bridge with a basic accuracy of 0.1%.
It's practical features, optional IEEE-488/RS232 interface and limits comparator make the LCR 6451 ideal for the laboratory as well as for applications in ATE systems.


  • Measures Resistance, R, Inductance, L, Capacitance, C, and Quality, Q, automatically
  • 0.1% of reading basic accuracy
  • Twelve decades of LCR measurement
  • 3 selectable measurement frequencies: - 100/120* Hz, 1 kHz or 10 kHz. (0.01% accuracy)
  • 5-digit LED display with automatic decimal point
  • User prompt facility for best accuracy
  • Selectable series or parallel measurement modes
  • Automatic indication for overrange or underrange
  • Easy operation by means of only 8 keys
  • Full auto ranging and automatic component identification. The instrument itself distinguishes between L, C or R after the component is connected. A manual override enables the minor term to be displayed
  • Capacitance up to 99.9pF in test leads or adaptors can be compensated for
  • Validity of measurement after 1 second maximum
  • 2 measurements per second
  • Actual measured value can be frozen on the display with the HOLD function
  • Integral 4-terminal test fixture
  • An adaptor for axial lead components is provided with the unit
  • Selectable internal 2V bias voltage for measurement of electrolytic capacitors
  • External bias voltage up to 50V possible
  • Input protection against charged capacitors up to 10mF and 50V
  • Model LCR 6451/6452 is equipped with IEEE-488 and RS232 interface. It enables full control and measurement readout from a computer
  • Model 6451/6452 is equipped with an interface for the limits comparator model 6422. Test limits can be defined in either of two ways. In the first of these, the upper and lower acceptable values are set in the two banks of thumbwheel switches. Alternatively the PASS band can be determined using a nominal value and upper and lower percentage tolerance. Three indicators are available to show where the measured value lies with respect to the upper and lower pass band limit. The same information is also available at 3 floating relay contacts of the comparator 6422
  • Detailed operation manual

*120 Hz measurement frequency available as factory-fitted option.


Basic Accuracy
0.1% of reading, ±1 digit
Measurement Range 
0.1mΩ - 990MΩ
Ultimate Resolution

Conditions for Basic Accuracy

100 Hz/120Hz:- 2Ω - 1MΩ, 1 kHz:- 2Ω -500kΩ, 10kHz:- 2Ω - 100kΩ

Measurement Range 
0.001μH -9900H
Ultimate Resolution

Conditions for Basic Accuracy

100Hz:- 4mH - 2000H, 1kHz:- 400μH - 200H, 10kHz:- 40μH - 10H

Measurement Range 
0.001pF -99mF
Ultimate Resolution

Conditions for Basic Accuracy

100Hz:- 4nF - 2000μF, 1kHz:- 400pF - 200μF, 10kHz:- 40pf - 10μF

Measurement Range 

0.001- 999

Ultimate Resolution

Conditions for Basic Accuracy

0.25 - 4
Measurement Range 
0.001- 999
Ultimate Resolution

Conditions for Basic Accuracy

0.25 - 4



Maximal Voltage on Component 
0.3V rms
DC-Bias Voltage 
2V internal (selectable) or up to 50V external
Measurement Modes
Series or parallel equivalent circuit
Measurement Update Rate 
2 per second
Temperature Range
0°C - 50°C
95V to 125V or 195V to 255V, 48 - 63Hz
440 x 260 x 100 mm
6.5 kg

Stefan vielen Dank für die Bilder von diesem schönen Gerät, die Texte und die Manual Auszüge.          
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