Keithley 225 Current Source

225 Stromquelle

D.C. Curent: 10e-7 ampere full range to 10e-1 ampere in seven decade ranges, 3-digit inline readout.
Voltage: 100V max. Compliance limit continuosly variable from 10 to 100 volts.
Polarity: pos or neg.
+/-0.5% of reading, +/-0.05% of full range
Stability: +/-0.02% of reading, +/-0.005% of full range on the 10e-1 to 10e-6 ampere range.........
Less than 0.01% rms of full range above 5 Hz...........

For a full specification and description see the manual.

Keithley offers a download of the pdf instruction manual on the website. The manufactorer offers this service for many products.
Das pdf Manual mit allen Schaltplänen kann im Service Bereich der Keithley Webseite heruntergeladen werden. Der Hersteller bietet diesen Top Service für sehr viele Geräte an.

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