P6202A Active FET Probe

brand new unused probe - what a nice item

Internal or external 50 ohms termination selectable. This probe is also a good supplement for every 50 ohms amplifier like real time 7A24, 7A19, 7A29 or sampling system 7A14 or others. Probe require a 7xxx mainframe or other Tektronix scope series with the probe power supply jack. If no scope with a jack available, the P6202A probe can be supplied with an external 1101 or 1101A power supply for use with other oscilloscopes. For an x100 attenuation use a 010-0384-00 attenuator, for AC coupling the capacitor 010-0360-00.

How to read this very useful chart? Instrument Bandwidth of the used oscilloscope, for example on a 7104 mainframe (1 GHz with 7A29) reaches the P6202A a bandwidth of approxiamtely 430 MHz.

  • Low Input Capacitance
  • AC-DC Coupling
  • Bandwidth verified by risetime >500MHz
  • Risetime <0.7ns 
  • Attenuation x10, 10 Mohm, 2pF
  • Dynamic Range +/-6V
  • DC Offset +/-55V
  • Maximum Input Probe Only +/-200V peak
  • Maximum Input with Attenuator 200V peak, derated above 150MHz, derated to 70V at 400 MHz, (with optional accessory)
  • AC Coupling -3dB 16Hz
  • Internal or external termination 50 ohms
  • noise 150µV

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