7B50 Zeitbasis

Tektronix 7B50 Zeitbasis Time Base triggers up to 100 MHz

calibrated range 5 s/DIV to 50 ns/DIV in a 1-2-5 sequence. X19 magnifier extends sweep rate to 5 ns/DIV

variable range continuosly variable between calibrated steps. Extends sweep rate to at least 12.5 s/DIV

sweep Accuracy measured in 7500 mainframe 2% to 3% depending on range with X10 off.

trigger sensitivity AC coupled 30 Hz to 10 MHz 0.3 DIV int. and 150 mV ext. For 10 MHz to 100 MHz 1.5 DIV int. and 750 mV ext.

trigger sensitivity DC coupled DC to 10 MHz 0.3 DIV int. and 750 mV ext. For 10 MHz to 100 MHz 1.5 DIV int. and 750 mV.

internal trigger jitter 1 ns or less at 75 MHz.

external trigger input maximum input voltage 500 V (DC+peak AC) 500 V p-p AC at 1 kHz or less

input R and C 1 megohm within 2%, 20 pF within 2pF

level range (excluding P-P AUTO) EXT At least +3.5 volts to -3.5 volts. EXT / 10 At least +35 volts to -35 volts

brigth base line, sweep free-runs in absence of triggering signal in AUTO and P-P AUTO
P-P AUTO Operation Sensitivity 0.5 DIV internal, 250 mV external 200 Hz to 10 MHz. 1.5 DIV internal, 750 mV external 10 MHz to 100 MHz.
Die Tektronix 7B50 Zeitbasis wurde gebaut für die Benutzung in Verbindung mit den Oszilloskopen der Tektronix 7500 Serie. Der Einschub kann jedoch auch zusammen mit allen anderen Oszilloskopen aus der 7000 Serie verwendet werden. Die 7B50 hat kalibrierte Ablenkfaktoren von 5 Sekunden/DIV bis zu 50 Nanosekunden/DIV. Mit der Strahldehnung von Faktor 10 werden maximal 5 ns/DIV erreicht. Der Einschub kann auf Signale bis zu 100 MHz triggern. Die uncalibrierte Position erlaubt eine variable Einstellung der Ablenkung. Die Delyaing Variante ist die 7B51.

The Type 7B50 Time Base unit is designed specially for use with Tektronix Type 7500 Series Oscilloscopes. However, the plug-in is also compatible with all other 7000 series mainframes. The Type 7B50 features calibrated sweep rates from 5 seconds/DIV to 50 nanoseconds/DIV. Ten times magnifier is possible. The unit can trigger up to 100 MHz. Uncalibrated position for varied continuosly sweep rates. The 7B51 is the delaying version of this timebase.
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