S-4 Sampling Head 25ps

S-4 Sampling head with 7S11

25 ps Sampling Head
Dc to 14 GHz Equivalent Bandwidth
Displayed Noise < 5 mV (Unsmoothed)
The Tektronix S-4 Sampling Head is a 25 ps risetime unit with a 50 Ohm input impedance. The S-4 can be plugged into the sampling unit or attached by a sampling head extender for remote use. A trigger pickoff within the S-4 provides a trigger signal output from the plug-in unit. Signal range - Variable dc offset allows signals between +1V and -1V limits to be displayed at 2mV/div. For best dot-transient response with random-sampling sweep unit, signal amplitude should be less than 500 mVp-p. Save Overload maximal +/-5V. Fits in 7S11 and 7S12.

Lieber "DG 5 MKQ" ich danke Dir für die Fotos, thank you for the photos.

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