7A12 Verstärker

Tektronix 7A12 Dual Trace Amplifier

Auszüge aus der Spezifikation:

  • Bandwidth ca. 105 MHz with 7704 and 75 MHz (7504) and 120 MHz with 7900 series
  • 5mV/DIV to 5V/DIV in a 1,2,5 sequence
  • Deflection Gain Accuracy within 2% at a Gain of 10mV/DIV
  • Time Delay between Channels 500 ps or less
  • Channel Isolation at least 3000:1 or 0.3 div with 5 div reference signal at 75 MHz. At leat 100:1 with equal deflection factors at 50 MHz or less.
  • Maximum Input Voltage at DC direct coupling at 5mV and 10mV/div 350V DC or DC + peak AC at 1 kHz or less
  • Input Impedance about 1 Meg Ohm parallel 24 pF
  • Common Mode Rejection at 40 MHz 10:1 or less
  • Maximum Input Gate Current about 0.4nA to 2nA from 0°C to 50°C
  • DC Drift with ambient 100µV/°C or 0.01DIV/°C whichever is greater

7A12 Dual Trace Channel Amplifier

Der Tektronix 7A12 ist ein Zweikanal Verstärker Einschub mit 120 Mhz passend für die 7000 er Serie.

Internal gain and compensation circiuts are automatically switched to the setted V/DIV deflection factor. The amplifier can handle a DC offset of at least +/-500 DIV for viewing low AC signals in the presence of a high DC voltage.

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