Alternatives Löten

soldering without PCB     löten ohne PCB

Synchronous Step-Down Converter - Vin 40V, Vout 14V, 3A, 500kHz


Soldering of small IC`s without a PCB. Sometimes there is no Evaluation Board or a PCB, for such a case: hand soldering method if a result should be available on the same day. This method takes some hours to solder everything. IC package here: TSSOP-20 EP, Pitch 0.65mm. IC mounted upside down. Exposed Pad soldered with a copper heatsink.


  • ready within some hours, if no PCB available
  • pins and soldering junctions are easy accessable with voltage probe and current probe
  • passive parts easy changeable
  • good GND and signal quality
  • building in 3D possible
  • lowest price


  • not for more than one piece
  • takes some hours to build

Um nicht falsche Trugschlüsse aufkommen zu lassen, selbstverständlich sind Layouts sinnvoll.

eine Löttechnik

Kupfer, Feile, Leiterplattenreste, Säge, übliche Werkzeuge und wärmefester, spaltüberbrückender Kleber (am besten schneller Zweikomponenten) mehr braucht man nicht.

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